What is Steam Hair Straightener & Which one to Buy?

Every woman is plagued with one thing that can really be frustrating at times – Hair. Apart from our obsession with looking good, we also want our hair perfect.

I can buy any product when it comes to straightening my hair. I’ve tried hair dryers, tongs and hair stylers. Most of the time, I end up getting more frustrated.

Eventually, I gave up trying. That is, until I learned about the even better steam hair straightener.

We all want our hair to be perfect, especially when you don’t have a long hair to flaunt. Therefore, when we hear about a product that has been doing wonders to people’s hair, we want to try it too.

What is a Steam Hair Straightener?

Perhaps you have heard about it before but never fully grasped what it means. A steam hair straightener is a type hair straightening tool but mostly more advanced than other types of straightening tools.

Although, adding steam looks like a marketing ploy, it is helpful in hair straightening. And it sure serves a purpose in protecting your hair.

As the name implies, a steam hair straightener is a straightening tool that uses steam to heat up and straighten hair. It is known to cause less damage when compared with traditional hair straighteners. It not only straightens – it also causes the hair to shine.

So, it is safe to say the steam hair straightener kills two birds with a stone – it straightens the hair and makes it shine. This would be good for someone who is after making her hair shine.

This hair straightening tool holds the water needed for straightening for about 15 minutes. What that means, for someone with a thick and long hair, is that you will have to top the water now and then. It is very easy to use. You feel safe while using it because of the water.

Difference between Steam Hair Straightener and Other Straightening Tools

It is used pretty much the same way other straighteners are used except that using steam hair straightener requires water. In other straighteners, you heat up the ceramic and titanium plates whereas steam straighteners use steam derived from the water in the chamber which is safer for the hair.

You have to top the water in the chamber every 15 minutes unlike other traditional straightening tools.

A brief History of Steam Hair Straightener

The first hair straightener was invented by C.J. Walker in 1762, but it was developed over the years into a hot comb, steam iron and, finally, modern flat iron used by stylist everywhere.

Pros and Cons of Using Steam Hair Straightener

Pros of Steam Hair Straighteners

Steam Hair Straighteners are gentler on the hair than other traditional hair straighteners. They are very light in weight which makes carrying them about easy. Despite its disadvantage of taking too much time, its ability to make the hair smooth and shine at the end is worthy of note.

Hair follicles contains natural moisture, when you use flat irons, the natural moisture gets eliminated, but using steam flat irons, heat flattens follicle, however due to steam there will be less damage to your hair.

If you can endure the stress of filling with water, you will have your desired perfect hair. Well, at least as perfect as hair can be. In general steam flat irons are:

  • Damage free
  • Shinier and softer
  • Keep moist in hair

Cons of Steam Hair Straighteners

Although it is gentle to the hair, it is slow in use. If you are in a hurry to get your hair straightened out, you may find steam hair straightener annoying. It won’t be the most convenient straightening tool for your hair needs.

It takes too much time to fill up the water in the chamber. Straightening out the hair is tasking enough; filling it up with water makes the time even longer.

We do hope, with the technological advancements, that the makers of these tools will build another tool that will hold water longer.

There are many flat irons in the market that uses this technology. We are reviewing one very good steam hair straightening tool that is MagicFly’s Steam Flat Iron Straightener.

Review of Steam Hair Straightener – Magicfly Flat Iron

Magicfly Professional Steam Hair Straighteners

This is a professional salon ceramic tourmaline flat iron with vapor. It heats up evenly and steadily. It has a swivel cord and lockable plates when traveling. It also includes 5 modes for dry and wet hair.

It is easy to use and saves time due to its dual PTC heater making it heat up in one minute. It is available in black color.

It is designed with the latest steam function. Its water tank can be easily filled with water and oil-free care substances. It contains hair spray with negative ion.

It helps to add moisture and gloss to the hair and reduces hair damage. It automatically shuts off after 60 minutes of inactivity.

Feature of Magicfly Professional Flat Iron with Vapor

  • It use steam technology to heat the tool
  • This flat iron is made-up of ceramic heating plates
  • Heats up on minutes thanks to the PTC heater
  • Automatic shut-off after 60 minutes
  • 360 degree swivel cord
  • Lockable plates for traveling
  • Reasonable price with professional salon tool features

Tips for using Steam Hair Straighteners

For safety purposes and better results, we have outlined how to use this product:

  • Wash hair first with quality shampoo and thoroughly add condition.
  • Once done with washing, towel dry the hair patiently. Apply hair product that suits your hair.
  • Give time to the hair to dry naturally or you can speed up with hairdryer if you own one.
  • Apply heat protection spray to the hair.
  • For easy straightening, divide hair into sections.
  • Carefully fill the hair straightener with water required.
  • Assemble the water tank to the stream straightener tightly.
  • Plug it in and switch it on.
  • Allow it to heat to the desired temperature.
  • Turn on the steam setting. If you don’t, it will now come out with steam.
  • Clamp and release the plate continuously for 3-5 times for the steam to come out.
  • Start straightening hair out section by section. Be gentle when pulling straightener out.

Note: It is important that the Steam button is turned on before use. The water tank is for water only; it can cause water leakage if oil or other liquid is put.

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