Botox Hair Treatment – Everything You Need to Know About it

Growing healthy hair takes work that is, constantly caring for and treating the hair to retain its youthful health.

Over time, the hair becomes lifeless, dull and damaged due to a number of factors including manipulation and exposure to everyday elements.

This results in split ends, dry, frizzy hair– every woman’s nightmare.

When hair starts losing its shine and life, treatments like the botox hair treatment can play a significant role in reviving it.

You may be wondering what botox hair treatment is, considering Botox is used in association temporarily smoothing away wrinkles and lines on the face, which result as a side effect of aging.

Botox hair treatment works in the same way, in that it fills up the tears and gaps in damaged hair strands to make it look youthful. However, it doesn’t make use of Botulinum toxin which is the main ingredient in skin Botox treatments.

Best Botox for Hair Treatment Products Reviews

Majestic Hair Botox

Majestic Hair Botox – Complete Kit

Majestic Hair Botox is the most advanced hair repair formula popular worldwide. This product is useful for repairing your damaged or broken hair.

It’s a perfect and powerful concentrate of active ingredients including caviar oil, B5, E vitamins and collagen complex, which guarantee to add shine, softness and eliminating frizz.

Inoar BotoHair

Inoar Professional – BotoHAIR KIT

This unique BotoHAIR is a botox hair treatment from INOAR professional is great for smoothing hair, it acts as a hair filler forming a protective layer around your hair.

This hair product contains proteins and various glossing agents that provide glowing shine with a luxuriously silky feel.

L'oreal Fiberceutic Botox for Hair Kit

L’oreal Fiberceutic Botox for Hair Kit

L’Oreal expert professional fiberceutic hair sealing treatment is suitable for both men & women. Its lightweight is suitable for fine hair enriched with intra-cylane.

It makes your hair healthier and more lustrous.

Botox treatments for hair are free of chemicals. In the same vein, the treatment isn’t injected to the scalp, rather it is applied just like a conditioner and massaged into the hair.

Botox hair treatment repairs damaged broken hair fiber which can arise due to heat damage (caused by excessive use of heat styling tools), mechanical manipulation through excessive combing and styling, chemical damage through dying and bleaching , even long  exposure to UV rays.

How Hair Botox is done?

Hair Botox is applied as a deep conditioner. The treatment may contain caviar oil, vitamin B5, vitamin E, collagen complex, antioxidants and other natural acids.

This mixture is applied to the hair strands after it has been washed with a clarifying/sulfate shampoo.

The treatment is left on for approximately 45 minutes or more depending on the stylist’s recommendation. The treatment is thereafter washed off with a sulfate-free shampoo, blow-dried and sealed in with a flat iron.

The Botox hair treatment is suitable for all hair types and lasts up between two–to–four months. The straightest to the curliest of all hair types experience damage, so any hair type is a suitable candidate for a Botox hair treatment.

Is hair Botox is similar to Keratin treatment?

Note that a Botox treatment is not a keratin treatment. While a keratin contains formaldehyde – a gas which irritates and has been linked to cancer, Botox does not. So it is inherently safer.

Also, unlike other treatments which contain chemicals, it doesn’t weaken the hair.

Both are great temporary fixes for dull, frizzy hair but Keratin does a better job of straightening and smoothing the frizz.

Botox treatments on the other hand are better aimed at reviving your hair. It does a better job of rejuvenating it compared to keratin treatments. If your aim is to get your hair straight, a keratin treatment is your best bet. But if you want life breathed into your damaged tresses, Botox is your answer.

Is hair Botox expensive as it sounds?

The cost of getting a hair Botox treatment differs based on different factors.

High-end salons would definitely be more expensive than low-end ones.

Also there are different products used for Botox and the cost of the ingredients for the treatment can affect the price of your treatment. On average, a treatment could cost about $100/ $150.

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