10+ Benefits of using Coconut Oil for Your Hair

Coconut oil is fast becoming a very popular ingredient in a number of things. From foods to health and beauty products, there seems to be no end to its many uses.

It is filled with nutrient-dense compounds that work well to support many different bodily functions. One very important function is how it works with the scalp and hair.

This article is the result of research on the possible benefits of using coconut oil when it comes to your hair. We put together a list of 13 benefits and a brief description of each one.

10+ Benefits of Using Coconut Oil

1. Prevent Hair Loss

With many people experiencing issues with hair loss, it not surprising that coconut oil is being used in many natural preparations. There are several powerful compounds found in the coconut oil that when combined with other essential oils and leaves from several different plants. When applied directly to the scalp there have been numerous positive results in hair growth.

 Examples of preparations

Coconut oil and lime water A combination when applied to the scalp has been shown to prevent hair loss.

Coconut oil and Gooseberries – Boiling gooseberries in coconut oil and applying it directly to the hair has also shown to be extremely effective on hair loss.

2. Repairs Damaged Hair

Many people suffer from damaged hair, whether it is from constant blow drying or chemical treatments like color or straightening. This type of damage can weigh heavily on your appearance and make your hair look poor.

Coconut oil may just be one of your best weapons at the cellular level.

According to research the compounds in coconut oil helps to prevent vital protein loss in the hair. It’s unusually lightweight it is able to penetrate into each strand (shaft) of hair and prevent or repair damage to your hair.

3. Has a Cooling Effect

If you are one of those people who suffer from a hothead or even have a condition that causes scalp sweating. Coconut oil has been used for centuries by many cultures for helping people deal with scalp sweating or hothead conditions.

When coconut oil is applied directly to the scalp through the hair and then carefully massaged into the scalp, it has been shown to be extremely effective in treating this type of condition.

4. Helps to Keep Moisture In

For those people who have chronically dry hair, it can be difficult to control. Being able to improve the moisture retention is very important to be able to restore your hairs shiny, manageable appearance.

When applied directly to the hair coconut oil forms a lightweight barrier that does not allow the vital moisture to be lost. Unlike water that will eventually evaporate and lead to moisture loss, however, the coconut will not evaporate from the hair surface. By staying in place longer, your hair will stay soft and shiny longer.

5. Conditions Your Hair

One of the primary reasons why coconut oil is being used as a primary ingredient in all-natural hair conditioners is because it has been found that it can easily outperform most of the traditional synthetic chemicals used in many commercially produced hair conditioners.

Coconut oil can be used as an application and go product, or it can be applied directly to the hair and left overnight. Since it is less harsh on your hair than chemical conditioners it can safely be used daily.

6. Eliminates Dandruff

If you have noticed an occasional dry flake on your shoulder or even if you have a much more severe case, you may have already tried one or more of the commercial dandruff shampoos. If you have not found the relief you should try a mixture of warm water, coconut oil, and castor oil.

Applying the mixture directly to your scalp and massage it in has shown to be successful in nearly eliminating dandruff permanently. It is believed the high amount of fatty acids found in the coconut oil help to clear up the scalp condition that causes dandruff.

7. Makes a Good Styling Cream

Coconut oil can be used as an effective styling cream as it can be warmed and applied a liquid to help ensure optimal coverage. The heat of the scalp is able to help keep it liquid as you are applying in case it starts to cool too early.

When it begins to cool after coming in contact with the air it turns back in a cream or gel-like substance. In this state, it makes a very effective styling product.

8. Effective Lice Treatment

For the kids in your family lice is an unfortunate part of being in school. While there are many different commercially sold lice removal and prevention products on the market. Unfortunately, many of these contain strong chemicals that have been known to damage the scalp and hair.

This is especially true if they have to be applied multiple times to completely move all of the lice. Coconut oil applied directly to the scalp and hair has been shown to be extremely effective in getting rid of lice while being less harsh on the skin.

9. Works Wonders on Dry Hair

Coconut oil can be extremely effective in helping those who have dry hair. By applying it directly to the hair daily it can restore a shiny, youthful appearance.

This would be a much better way than trying any one of the commercially made hair care products that are designed for people with dry hair.

Many of them contain harsh chemicals that can leave your hair even more damaged, especially if used for long periods of time.

10. Toning Treatment

Hair toning is a common treatment that is done at a hair salon that involves using commercial products that help to balance out colors in them. It is commonly found with blond or very light hair colors.

For a more safe and all-natural approach to hair toning, coconut oil can be used to achieve the exact same effect without the possible damage due to the harsh chemicals found in today’s toning products.

11. Helps to Treat Boils

There are a number of skin conditions that can directly affect the scalp, one of these are boils. It is extremely important to keep the hair and scalp in condition when dealing with boils and other types of skin conditions.

Using coconut oil directly on the scalp and hair has shown to be quite effective in helping the scalp when and boils are present. By using a combination of coconut oil, olive oil and apply it directly to the scalp has been effective for boils.

12. Works on Minor Split End Problems

Split ends are probably one of the most common issues that people have their hair. This type of damage can really affect the overall look of your hair by making it really difficult to style and control.

While the easiest and most recommended way to deal with split ends is to have the cut-off. However, if you have a mild case of split ends you can use coconut oil and help to reverse the damage.

By applying coconut oil directly to your hair you can begin clearing up your split ends.

13. Graying Hair

Graying hair is a condition that has long been associated with age and growing older. However, there are certain conditions that result in premature graying of the hair.

If you are worrying about graying hair and don’t want to use any harsh chemical product such as coloring to cover it up.

It is strongly believed that applying a mixture made up of coconut oil and the Eclipta Alba leaf directly to the hair can help with graying hair.

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