KQC Flat Iron Review

Have you been hunting for that magical flat iron that can solve all your problems and prevent bad hair days?

There are number of brands out there, which sells standard flat irons and which has the gold mine? The only way to find out is research.

Needless to say, you have probably stumbled across this article while you were researching. Fortunately you have stumbled upon the right place.


Look no further because the KQC X-Heat Ceramic Flat Iron is the way to go. KQC sells top quality hardware while remaining surprisingly affordable.

In this article we will take a look at the pro and cons of the KQC Flat Iron and what other customers think about it.

Pros of KQC Straightener

  • You can set the temperature yourself, which is great because 410 degrees can be an excessively high setting when you want to work on bangs and fly away.
  • The flat iron can make your hair as straight as a pin. Other common flat irons can sometimes get the same effect but it doesn’t last very long. The KQC can leave your hair straight for days.
  • It gives a healthy, nice shine and silky smooth feeling to your hair. Since you can adjust the heat settings, it minimizes the risks of frying off your hair and cause breaks and other damages.
  • The ceramic plates are smooth and can evenly spread heat across the sections of your hair. The smoothness can prevent hair breakage due to friction and heat because you can easily slide the flat iron down along your hairlines.

Cons of KQC Straightener

  • The KQC plug is a regular one that has no reset button. In case of any power failure or circuit fuse, you need to fix the plug before you can use the KQC again. CHI flat irons on the other hand have reset buttons on their plugs.
  • The ceramic plates are thicker and therefore they are much close to each other. This makes it harder to straighten hair. It also takes much longer than you usually take with a generic flat iron.

Customer Feedback

The KQC flat iron can be found on popular online stores such as eBay and Amazon. Many customers seem to compare the KQC with the previous flat irons they used.

One buyer, for example, was not happy with the way the flat iron heats even though it has a maximum setting of 410 degrees. The buyer preferred her Avanti flat iron that could heat up to 450 degree.

However, later on she did admit that even though the KQC took longer to straighten her hair it didn’t leave her hair looking as fried as her Avanti did. Few other buyers have similar complains but overall the feedback was positive.

The YouTube community also exploded recently with this product, showing several hair styling tutorials while using the KQC as the YouTube’s choice of a good flat iron.

Final Verdict

The KQC X-Heat Ceramic flat iron is a great multipurpose tool that can be used for a vast number of hair styling techniques.

It may take longer to work with but the final result is worth the time you put in. However, when you consider getting this product, consider the pros and cons mentioned here.

Use this high quality gear to style up your hair the way you want to while retaining the natural, healthy look.

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