Royale Hair Straightener Review

It’s unquestionable that Royale, manufacturer of hair products, has come a long way since their inception.

With each passing year they have been getting better and better quality product and are more advanced.

Flat irons from Royale are great, and the newer products from the recent year are some of the best ones.

When most people search for cheap and best flat irons, they’re most likely to buy these from Royale.


If you are looking to buy best hair straightener that makes the most out of your money? Then stop the search and go straight to the trusted and high quality brand, Royale.

The products from Royale are highest quality to ensure you can achieve a hair salon quality finish right at home. At the same time, the prices are quite reasonable for the average person.

So many people looking around for the best Royale hair straighteners and wondering which one is best suited for their particular hair type?

Getting the best one is of personal choice and depends upon what hair type you have so it important for you to do your research.

However, you can take a look at the one suggested in this review as it somewhat stands out from others.

New Royale 1.5” Nano Ceramic Ionic Flatiron

Royale Hair Straightener

As mentioned before, this flat iron stands out from the rest in the Royale brand.

However, remember that personal preference does matter here so you have every right to disagree.

Here are the reasons why it is so great:

  • It is one of the most resourceful flat irons in the market and it is the first choice of several professional hair stylists. The iron can literally work on any type of hair there is – thick, thin, short, long, frizzy and straight.
  • It is a great tool to apply serums and colors on your hair with negligible damaging effects. So you can color your hair with no worries.
  • Unlike generic flat irons, the Royale flat iron will not cause your hair to dull or fade. Your hair will remain rich and vibrant. Just don’t get carried away and overuse it.
  • The heat settings are advanced but easy to adjust. Normally iron can get too hot and they can fry your hair and cause damages. You can keep the heat under better control with this flat iron.
  • The plates are made of ceramic which is a very smooth material that can evenly distribute heat from the iron to your hair. The smooth surface will prevent any excessive friction with your hair which helps you avoid getting split end or hair breaks.
  • Infrared technology ensures even heating. Generic flat irons cannot be used when your hair is damp or wet as it may cause hair break due to shock.Any remaining water droplets are turned into steam. The infrared in the Royale can heat up your hair while retaining all the moisture in it. This will prevent your hair from becoming too dry which can look dull.

A few more things to consider about the Royale

The Royale is a great brand that has great products in store, but there are a few things to consider before you decide you choose this flat iron.

  • Even though the heat settings are great and have several options, only use the heat setting that is needed for your own hair type. Never go overboard and use extreme heat settings that can potentially fry your hair. The thinner your hair is, the lower the heat settings should be.
  • Flat irons of high quality such as the Royale should be maintained properly. Clean the ceramic plates regularly to prevent any buildup of hair product. You should also remember to turn off and unplug your flat iron whenever you are not using it. Not only does this help with safety purposes but it also extends the life span of your flat iron.
  • This is a genuine brand with warranty privileges. The Royale is not your generic flat iron that will break in few years. It comes with a 5 year warranty so remember to preserve the box and the receipt.

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