Top 10 Professional Hair Color Brands Worldwide

If you’ve ever wanted to make changes to your hair color, and wondered the product that will do the best work for you, then you’ve got yourself the top ten professional hair color brands to choose from.

These top brands have different offerings of different hair colors for your hair needs. The list is in no particular order.

1. L’oreal Paris

L'oreal Paris No 1 Hair Color BrandL’oreal Paris understands the fact that your hair color has a huge tell on your looks and even how you feel. This is why they’ve presented with the answer to your hair color needs. Different shades of your preferred color to match your personality and looks. It doesn’t matter if you’re giving hair coloring the first try or you’ve been doing it for a while, L’oreal Paris has everything to get you your perfect color. You can make use of the online tools available online on the L’oreal Paris website to find the perfect shade for your hair before making your purchase. They’ve tailored all colors to meet here’s preference.

2. Manic Panic

Manic Panic Professional Hair Color BrandThis is another top brand in the production of hair colors. Regardless of age, shape, hair texture and feel, color choice and shade, manic panic gives you the perfect solution to all your hair color questions. With their varied range of products, you’re definitely guaranteed a matching product and hair color for your hair. Whether permanent colors, semi-permanent, temporary and whatever it is you need. The range of products from Manic Panic has you covered.

3. Garnier

Garnier Professional Hair ColoursStarted in 1904, Garnier has since then proven themselves as a name to reference when it comes to hair and hair color search. With their blend of naturally inspired and derived ingredients, Garnier has over time come up with breakthrough formulas that help their users maintain their beauty and the strength of their hair.

Garnier has committed itself to a sustainable source of ingredients, to reduce the environmental impact of their product, to improve the biodegradability of their formulas, and to also support vulnerable communities. More than just the provision of hair and skin solution, Garnier is dedicated to improving the overall health and livelihood of their customers.

4. Clairol

Clairol Professional Hair ColoursA division of Company Coty, Clairol, is an American Personal-care product. They specialize in hair coloring and total hair care. The company, started by the couple, Joan Gelb and Lawrence M. Gelb and their friend and business partner James Romeo in 1931 when they discovered hair coloring preparations one of their trip in France. The most commonly recognized product of Clairol is the “Miss Clairol” home hair-coloring kit which they released in 1956.

From then on, the company has grown better and better and has a wide range of hair-coloring products to cater to the varying needs of its teeming customer base under different names. Clairol is definitely a veritable answer to your hair color need.

5. Revlon

Revlon Professional Hair ColorsWith tentacles spread into different counties of the world, Revlon stays among the top list in the manufacturers of hair-coloring formulas and solutions. With varying product range like the medium Brown – 4N, Light Golden Brown – 5G, Dark Auburn – 3R, Deep Burgundy – 3DB, Medium Blonde – 74, Light Ash Blonde – 80, Brown Black – 2N, Burgundy – 3RV, Darkest Brown – 3N, Natural Black – 1N and many more awesome products.

Revlon gives you the needed power and tool to flaunt your hair in whatever color you desire. With Revlon, you don’t have to worry yourself too much about finding a particular hair color you saw on your friend at work or in college, or even the color you saw and like on a stranger. Revlon has just the color.

6. Pravana

Pravana Professional Hair ColorsPravana was founded by Steve Goddard in 2004. This brand has introduced cutting-edge, groundbreaking products that have benefited a lot of users. The brand has set out to provide unparalleled and high performing beauty solutions, innovate hair care products that will be formulated from only the best ingredients available. It was acquired by Henkel Beauty Care Professional in 2017 and still remains a top name in hair and beauty solutions.

The brand is regarded as one of the most influential beauty brands. They curate the latest in beauty trends give you the perfect color that you truly results for your hair. With over1 million fans across social media, Pravana offers you just what you need to give your hair the perfect color. Whether you want a permanent new color, maintain your hair color or change to a new color, Pravana has a solution tailored just for you.

7. Madison Reed

Madison Reed Professional Hair ColorsMadison Reed was the first company to produce the Smary-8-Free permanent hair color. This hair color is free of every harsh ingredient like Ammonia, Parabens, resorcinol, PPD, phthalates, gluten, SLS, as well as titanium dioxide. This hair color has hair nutrients like Keratin, argon oil, ginseng root extract and so on. It has everything to give your hair the perfect color.

They are transferring hair color solutions for customers to use at home easily. Madison Reed has a wide range of hair colors that will suit your hair need and give you the desired result. They’ve partnered with manufacturers that are dedicated to producing only the best hair products, and this makes them one of the top choices.

8. John Frieda

John Frieda Professional Hair ColorsReviving your hair’s shade or changing to new hair color? John Frieda has just what you need for that. With amazing range of products like Root Blur® Color Blending Concealer Amber to Maple Brunettes, Root Blur® Color Blending Concealer Chestnut to Espresso Brunettes and many more products designed for almost any hair colors you can think of!

John Frieda’s brand name is so famous that you can rest assured that John Frieda has the solution to your any type of hair coloring needs with quality products that won’t damage your hair.

9. Joico

Joico Professional Hair ColorsJoico is an expert at giving you the best collection of innovative colors for your hair, while also providing expert advice to help you make the best choice of hair color that will fit your hair perfectly.

Joico has an array of products that will make your hair come to life like the LumiShine which works from inside out and strengthens your hair instantly, delivering up to two times the shine and mega softness of your hair color.

Other products like the Blonde Life that gives your hair the perfect blond color, Lighteners, Vero K-Pak and so on. With the Joico hair colors range, you give your hair the perfect color and shine that it deserves.

10. Schwarzkopf

schwarzkopf Professional Hair ColorsSchwarzkopf (part of Henkel) is another brand that offers the best in colors for your hair. No matter your hairs texture, strength, silkiness and other features, Schwarzkopf has the right product that answers to your hair color question.

Whether you need maintenance of color, change of color, temporary, permanent, semi-permanent, or whatever your choice, Schwarzkopf products offer you every possible option. With Schwarzkopf employed for your hair coloring needs, you can never go wrong.

They are one of the top hair care and solution brands and you’ll be glad to use their products.

All these mentioned brands have their way of providing solutions to your hair color needs, and whichever you choose, you are sure to get quality for your money.

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