Top 10 Common Hair Problems and their Reasons

We all love our hair and want to have the best looking hair. It plays a vital role in your overall look — especially girls are so picky about their hair and wanted to have the best hair all day long and always.

No one wants to have a bad hair day! Isn’t it? But this is not the case, almost all of us have one or other common hair problems mentioned below. No matter what hair type you have, curly or straight, short or long, thin or whatever it is, you are sure to face any of the top 10 hair problems at some point in your lifetime.

List of Top 10 Hair Problems with Reasons

1. Hair Loss

As you grow older your hair starts to thin resulting in hair loss this is most common reason and it’s a norm of your life. But if you are young and you are losing your hair then you need to consult with a doctor, there must be some vitamin deficiency or something that is causing your hair to fall early. A hair specialist can help you in this situation.

The other cause is genetic in which baldness occurs early in one’s lives. It affects men than women. Women typical experience baldness in their forties. The other reason is when people lose hair in patches, it is called alopecia aerate, but in that case the hair returns in a few years, however visiting a consulting with a hair specialist is a good option.

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2. Dandruff

Skin cells are continuously shed and formed all over the body. In our hair, when skin sheds faster that it is formed, dandruff takes place. In other cases, their natural oil in our scalp causes the cells of the skin to come together and this also becomes another reason for dandruff.

Even a weak immune system can cause a person to have dandruff. Conditions such as stress or hormonal imbalance also lead to dandruff.

Another reason for the formation of dandruff is if you have a yeast-like fungus growth in your scalp.

3. Frizzy Hair

If you shower too much with hot water, then it is a major cause of frizzy hair as it dries out all the natural oils that are formed in your hair.

Another common cause is if one doesn’t brush hair before showering. This causes the hair to become frizzy. Putting on too much shampoo at a time and too frequently throughout the week is also one of the causes of your hair being frizzy. The reason is that shampoo has high pH balance (acidic). Even using a blow-dryer with ionic charge makes your hair frizzy.

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4. Oily/Greasy Hair

Many people have naturally oily hair as their skin secretes a lot of oil which the scalp is not able to absorb. The other reason could be if you have curly hair, the oil is retained at its root and does not get a chance to travel all the way to the hair shaft.

It is also genetic in nature to have oily hair if either or both of your parents have oily hair. Another cause is if you are suffering from hormonal imbalance, it may cause one’s hair to be oily.

5. Split Ends

Heat is the main factor for your hair to split at the ends. Thus, if you use a hair dryer, instead of letting your hair dry naturally, your hair will split faster. Using a lot of chemicals through hair products and shampoo will cause split ends at these chemicals to pull the moisture out of one’s hair.

There is a condition in which the nodes in the shaft of your hair grow either too weak or become thick, this also causes split ends. Other deficiencies such as iron or hypothyroidism etc. are also responsible for split ends.

6. Lack of Volume

You will experience lack of hair volume due to various reasons such as greasing when humidity, dirt, and pollution all combine to make your hair weigh down.

The other reason is having fine hair. This may be genetic or may occur over a period of time. Illnesses also play a part in thinning of hair. The other reason is when you have hidden bald patches under your hair and which cannot be seen, this makes your hair look flat. Another cause is using hair-straightener too often, as overuse of straightening cause one to lose hair volume over time.

7. Dry Hair

This occurs due to various factors. One such factor is using wrong products for your hair. If you use a wrong shampoo or a conditioner, this will cause your hair to go dry due to the pH level or the shampoo may not be suitable for your hair. In either case, hair is the first victim, giving your hair a dry appearance.

Another cause is washing your hair every day. This strips your hair of the natural oil. To prevent this, hair baths should be reduced to at most 2-3 times a week.

8. Dull Hair

Overexposure to the sun is one of the prime reasons for dull hair in many people. The ultraviolet rays break open the hair cuticles and damage the natural color of the hair.

Another reason is the excessive use of straightening of hair or blow drying. Though straightening will give them look glossy, your hair will lose its natural oils over the course of time, making your hair look dull.

Even dry shampoo, which is used to add texture and enhance styling to your hair, causes hair to dull by reducing the hairs reflective power.

9. Gray Hair

The reasons for graying of hair are numerous, but in today’s world, it is the pollution that is one of the major reasons for hair graying. Also, many hormonal imbalances play its part in graying one’s hair prematurely.

Another reason is having either hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, which can impact other chemical imbalances in the body, can cause your hair to gray.

Even intake of drugs — medicinal or prohibitive, plays a role in altering the body’s biochemistry which may make hair gray in the process. Not cleaning your regularly and anemia, as some other the other reasons for hair graying.

10. Color Damaged Hair

Color hair dyes do not just stay at the surface, it goes deep with the hair structure to make a permanent place. If it has to get to the hair shaft, then it has to break through the cuticle, which is the natural protection of hair, thus causing permanent damage to your hair structure.

The peroxide in your hair color bleaches has to do away with the natural color to make way for a new color to settle in, this also is the reason for having color damaged hair.

Thus, by using just one color or instance of hair color, you are doing twin damages to your hair. Even ammonia in the hair dye does its share of damage to your hair.

In the end

We hope this list of common hair problem and why they happen will help you understand the pros and cons of using hair product and their good or bad effects on your hair. If you take proper care while using hair products, take good diet and use natural products for your hair will help you avoid most of the common hair problems (if not all).

Apart from these top 10 hair problems if you know other hair problems, do let us know by dropping a comment below.

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