13 Tips for Straightening Hair Fast & Quickly

If you love to straighten your hair, there are crucial things you have to remember when doing it on your own. Chances are you already know them. However, there are some minor things that many women don’t take into account.

These are small steps that work together to make a big difference in how good hair looks after it is straightened.

Women use countless products and techniques to straighten their hair so how to decide which method works?

So here are several tips for hair straightening that you can consider for the best results.

  1. Do your research
    Ask around online or your friends with similar hair type about which products and techniques works best for them. Once you discover your magical elixir, look for a place where they sell it for a good price.
  2. Use a toothpaste amount
    Don’t use actual toothpaste! What this means is that any product especially frizz serum should be used in trace amounts as they are very oily. Just spread the small amount evenly across your hair with a comb.
  3. Apply hair product to damp or wet hair
    Hair products especially anti-frizz serums work best on wet, recently washed hair. Since the effect is stronger with wet hair, you can apply fewer amounts for the same effect you would get for dry hair.
  4. Use a flat iron
    This is somewhat obvious as many hair straightening techniques involve the use of flat irons, especially in hair salons. Learn to use it yourself. Use it at moderate heat setting to straighten any remaining curly sections of your hair. However, remember that the heat can be damaging for your hair so use it as less frequently as you can.
  5. Go to a hair salon
    The best way to get your hair straight is to get it done by a professional. While you’re at it, get your hair trimmed. Watch how they blow dry your hair straight so that you can carry out the procedure back at home.
  6. Section off your hair
    This can get tricky as the sections can be different for different people. Learn where each section of hair is located on your scalp and split them. Don’t just make random splits as it can damage the delicate sections of your hair.
  7. Blow dry immediately
    This will take some work and practice. As you brush your hair with straight strokes, blow dry your hair after each stroke but be careful not to rip your hair out!
  8. Apply serum to dry frizz areas
    Due to hair type, your hairlines will frizz up anyway as you blow dry them. In such cases, apply a small amount of serum to hold your hairline together in place while you brush them straight.
  9. Use a flat comb instead of a brush
    Brushes can split hair follicles and cause frizziness. Using a wide toothed comb will keep your hair product intact and prevent splits.
  10. Apply some volume spray
    A common misconception is to leave hair flat after you are done blow drying it. This does not look very aesthetically pleasing. Apply some volume spray to your hair to add some life and activeness.
  11. Subdivide sections into smaller ones
    One inch wide sections are perfect when it comes to straightening your hair with a flat iron. This is because more heat is concentrated on small sections so the hair is straightened better. Once again, watch the heat and don’t burn off your hair.
  12. Avoid ironing as much as possible
    Try blow drying your hair straight and don’t rely too much on flat irons as they are quite damaging to your hair over time.
  13. Never straighten regularly
    Give it a break once in a while.

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