Learn How to use Flat Iron?

Straight hair is quite easy get for those of you who own a flat iron. If you learn the techniques for styling your hair using a flat iron, you don’t really need to visit the hair salon just to get your hair straightened.

The best amongst these hair straightening tools are the ceramic plated ones that produce infrared heat and negatively charged ions to bind the moisture into your hair. They are effective and do the least amount of damage possible. If you know the proper methods and hair treatments before and after flat ironing you will keep your hair straightened all day.

How to use Flat Iron Video

In this guide you will learn how to use a flat iron properly and a few hair treatments before and after you use it.

Before using a flat iron

Wash your hair well and apply shampoo and conditioner. This will moisturize your hair. Use a dry towel to gently pat your hair dry. Rubbing it will form curly sections in your hair. Spray some thermal protection serum on your hair. Spraying it on wet hair is preferable as it allows you to spread the serum evenly with a brush without creating clusters. Use a wide toothed comb instead of brush. Hair products can easily get smeared in brushes and are tough to remove.

Before you start straightening, you have to make sure that your hair is completely dry. Blow-dry your hair on the lowest heat setting. Wet or damp hair can easily get damaged when you use a hot flat iron on it.

Using the flat iron

Firstly, plug in the flat iron and switch it on. Depending on what type of flat iron you use, there will be different heat settings for you to choose from. Choose the one your desire but it is recommended you use lower heat settings for the safety of your hair. Use higher settings only if your hair is too thick or too frizzy.

Secondly, dividing your hair into sections make things easier as you can work your way around in parts. Clamp the flat iron shut close to the scalp on the section you want to work on. Watch out so that you don’t let the hot iron touch your scalp and cause burns.

Then slowly slide the flat iron down to the end of the hair section.Don’t grip the iron too tightly and let the clamp loose enough to slide down your hair. Keep the iron moving and don’t keep it lingering in the same area of the section. Doing so will cause definite hair damage caused by heat.

Repeat the process a few times for the same section until it is either completely straight or it reaches your desired look. The number of times you repeat depends on how powerful the flat iron is and which heat setting you are using. If there is steam involved when you repeat, then don’t worry it is normal. However, stop immediately when you start smelling burning hair.

Unclip the section and move on to the others. Do them exactly the way you did the first section.

After using a flat iron

Turn off and unplug the flat iron if you want to avoid an unfortunate house fire. Clean it properly and frequently (read this how to clean a flat iron) and remove any hair product it may have picked up. Buildup of hair product on the ceramic plates will render your iron ineffective over time.

Apply hair spray and anti-frizz serum to set your straight hair as it is before you go out. Sunlight, warmth and humidity can cause frizziness so remember to carry an umbrella with you.

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