{5} Things To-Do after a Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatment Aftercare InstructionsHair treatments are common nowadays. More people are learning about the benefits of keratin.

It is a common misconception that keratin is a miraculous substance. It has many benefits for people but without the proper care, the treatment will not last.

High quality keratin treatments are not cheap.

If you are wondering how to make Keratin treatment last longer then you should follow these 5 simple to follow aftercare instructions to get most out of your Keratin treatment.

A keratin treatment will last around 12 weeks. After the expiration date, the person should get a new session.

Keratin makes the hair more manageable but it does not change the hair permanently.

People with curly hair will partially lose the curls but after a while, the hair goes back to its original form.

Applying the treatment multiple times could have a more permanent effect. It could take some time to see those results. In the meanwhile, it is better to take care of your hair post treatment.

Can I oil my hair after keratin treatment

if this question is popping up in your mind then read this instruction.

1. Keep your Hair Dry

After the product is applied to their hair, the person should wait three days. After that time, they can wash their hair.

Immediate Washing hair after keratin treatment is not recommended you should at least wait 8 hours after that you can wash your hair or better if you wait 3 days.

Why? Water can wash off the keratin and that is a waste of time and money.

Water and keratin do not go well. The product must settle in the hair and water does not help this process. Chlorine and salt water are particularly bad for keratin.

Even after the 3 days mark, exposing the hair to any of this substances could affect the results.

People with keratin treatments should wash their hair less often. Some believe that washing the hair constantly is healthy. This is not true. Washing the hair too often will lead to dryness in the scalp and hair loss.

The natural oils are necessary for the proper growth of the hair.

Once they start washing it again, people should blow dry their hair.

2. Let It Down

The first three days are extremely important for the treatment. During this time, people should avoid putting their hair on a pony tail. Braids and hair clips are also forbidden.

When the treatment is fresh, the hair is in a vulnerable situation. Whatever shape you give the hair, it will stay like that. The only way to change it is by letting the product wash away.

People should be careful when they comb their hair. The best option is to use an flat iron to straighten it.

3. Do Not Use Cotton

What does cotton has to do with hair? A lot, actually. Every night we put our heads on a pillow that is covered with a pillowcase. These are made of cotton.

On its own, cotton is harmless but it creates friction. After a keratin treatment, the friction could be highly damaging.

The recommendation is to change the pillowcase. Choose a material like silk. Avoid any derivate of cotton.

4. Use Special Shampoo

Regular shampoo has its own benefits but it does not agree with keratin.

After the treatment, people should only use specialized shampoo and conditioner. These products were created to complement the keratin. It helps the product settle and stay in the hair longer.

Chemically speaking, specialized shampoo has been formulate to supplement the keratin. Some brands of keratin offer their own shampoos and products.

Any after-treatment shampoo will be good. The only requirement is that it must be free of sulfates and sodium.

5. Do Not Use More Products to Your Hair

People with curly hair need to keep it hydrated so it does not get frizzy. There are many products available to control the frizz. Creams, mousse and sprays are some of the presentation.

Those with keratin should refrain to adding any of these products to their hair. Adding more will not be better to prevent the frizz.

On the contrary, applying extra products make the keratin less effective.


After 12 weeks, the effects will be less obvious. At this point it is necessary to apply the treatment once again.

The hair never stops growing, after a while the untreated roots will become obvious.

Applying new keratin will relax the roots and keep the hair manageable.

Additional Treatments

Keratin does not agrees with water but it does well with other treatments.

People that recently dyed their hair can receive keratin treatments. It goes the opposite way, people with keratin treatments can dye their hair after 3 weeks.

Washing hair after keratin treatment

Keratin will reverse the after effects of chemical treatments.

Keratin should not be confused with a relaxer. That kind of product make the curly hair straight permanently.

Keratin will not make the hair completely straight, it will make it easier to manage.

Women with curly hair that used a relaxer could use keratin too. Keratin will help the hair recover from any possible damage done by other treatment.

It is fair to say that keratin is a great tool to make the hair healthier. Those that do not wish to apply an entire treatment should consider other options.

Vitamin H is highly beneficial for the hair. It improves the natural keratin in our heads.

However, it is not as effective as a classic treatment.

Counter Indications

Some people should not, under any circumstance, get a keratin treatment:

  • Pregnant women
  • People with skin conditions
  • Patients with cancer
  • Children under 9
  • Women that are breastfeeding
  • Patients with asthma

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