10 Natural Products that are Guaranteed to keep Your Hair Look Gorgeous

Keeping your hair thick and luscious can be extremely difficult for many people as there are lots of different ways for it to be damaged or otherwise negatively affected.

Similarly, some people don’t like the natural style of their hair and look for ways to change it to something they perceive as better looking.

Whilst there are many different products on the market to alter hair and change its appearance, there are also a huge range of natural ways to change the appearance and feel of your hair.

Lots of manufactures hair-care products do use natural ingredients, however sometimes using the raw material itself can be even more effective.

1. Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a rich and fatty oil it can add great body and full shine to your hair due to its emollient properties. Thanks to its natural thickness and makeup it can penetrate all the way down to the hair shaft and create true change in the feel and look of the hair. For it to have the best effect massage a few tablespoons into your hair then cover and leave for anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. After this wash it out with shampoo to give your hair incredible body and a new shine which will remain for far longer than just using shampoo.

As per this article, many people believe and has seen positive results that using olive oil can reduce and prevent hair loss by decreasing production of DHT hormones (that is the major cause of hair loss), but as of writing this article no such claim has been proved by any medical research that this is actually the case.

2. Avocado


In a similar way to olive oil, this natural ingredient uses its high levels of fatty acid to help nourish the hair and give it a new appearance of shine and cleanliness. It keeps the hair extremely well moisturized and helps to increase its natural strength. For a great way to use avocado, peel and mash one into a paste with a little bit of olive oil then spread over your hair. Leave for over half an hour then rinse out to give new vigour to your hair.

There are many benefits of avocado on hair, if you use avocado hair oil regularly not only it will make your hair softer, stronger hair but also eliminate frizz and dry scalp.

3. Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea contains many great antioxidants which help the body both when drunk and when applied physically. It has many chemicals inside it which can greatly help deal with the problem of hair loss. Brewing one or two mugs of green tea, waiting for them to get down to a manageable temperature then using it to wet your hair can help greatly with hair loss.

Green tea is a good supply of polyphenols, Vitamin C and E that are beneficial in refreshing hair growth and make hair softer. Some research have discovered that green tea prevents hair loss through its anti-inflammatory properties, although it’s not confirmed however there are many benefits of Avocado on hair and skin, so there is no harm using it.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the greatest natural ingredients there is for dealing with a huge variety of hair problems. It can help treat a dry scale, hair loss and generally improve the shine of one’s hair. Massaging aloe vera gel into the scalp and leaving for around 2-3 hours before washing out is going to gradually work to promote healthy hair and even hair growth.

5. Lemons


Given the high levels of citric acid contained within lemons, it can be the best natural remedy for dealing with flaky and itchy skin on the scalp. If you mix with water and then rinse through your hair at the end of a shower it can really help flush out the dry skin from the top of the head and stop the prevalence of dandruff.

6. Shea Butter

Shea Butter

Another emollient in the same vein as avocado and olive oil. It works to lock in moisture within the hair and greatly improves the feeling of hair which may have been damaged after going too long without proper care. It can also be massaged into the scalp and through the hair for those with long curly hair who are looking to give it a more naturally straightened and wavy look.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has some very strong antioxidants and chemicals within it that help cleans the hair and help heal the scalp from natural wearing. Dilute down slightly with water and apply directly to the scalp, leaving for about 20 minutes before washing out for an instantly cleaner scalp and shinier hair.

8. Tomatoes


The natural pH level of your scalp is vital to maintain for strong and shiny hair; tomatoes are a great way of making this happen. Make a mask with two tomatoes and a little olive oil to massage around the scalp and leave for 20 minutes before rinsing off for a far healthier scalp producing shinier and more resilient hair.

9. Castor Seed Oil

Castor Seed Oil

As well as being fatty oil like olive oil and bringing natural shine into the hair, it can also act as an anti-fungus agent which helps your hair to stay healthy from potential infection. Massage into areas at the front of the scalp where hair may be thinning to promote stronger growth.

10. Honey


The sweet and antibacterial properties of honey make it another essential natural cleanser, helping retain moisture within the hair as well as helping with possible hair loss. Making a serum by mixing with a slightly acidic substance such as lemon juice and massaging into the scalp, leaving for about 30 minutes and then washing out is a great way to keep hair healthy and help prevent you from losing it.

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