Best of Cortex Flat Iron Reviews

Finding a good flat iron can be tricky, especially because there are so many out there in the market.

So how do you distinguish between the generic flat irons and the truly top quality ones as promised by their manufacturers?

In order to do that you will need to do your research, which might be the reason why you ended up here.

On this page we are only discussing the Cortex Hair Straighteners, if you are looking for other item you can check best hair straighteners to buy in 2019.

Cortex Flat Iron Reviews

Give the Cortex Flat Iron a try and you will neglect the rest. The brand offers flat irons of the best quality but within surprisingly reasonable price.

We will be looking at different cortex flat irons here on this page, after going through each item you should have sufficient insight on which one is a perfect fit for your budget and requirements.

Top Rated Cortex Hair Straighteners

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Cortex Platinum Black Series 1.25 Straightening Iron

This professional salon model 1.25 inch flat iron belongs to Cortex black series, this straightener is currently in high demand.

The product is designed to provide amazing results, performance, and help you give a new look to your hair no matter what hair type you have, you can straighten, curl, wave or flip your hair quickly.

it’s easy to use and gives your hair an attractive look every time you use the tool.


In addition to that, the tool also comes with several features that make this flat iron one of the best we have seen from Cortex.

The built in microprocessors monitoring each plate and far infrared technology dispense heat evenly to avoid any damage while locking in moisture and natural oils.

Talking about the cons – it doesn’t slide as smoothly as the other we would have liked, but, even then, it doesn’t pull or damage your hair while straitening your hair.

This is a highly recommended tool who wants a quality flat iron at a affordable price.

Cortex Solo Ceramic 1.5 Inch Flat Iron

You have option selecting a 1 inch or 1.5 inch cortex flat iron. This straightener has been in the market for quite some time and is taking people by surprise.

One of the best features about this straightener is sleek, ergonomic body which is design to give you professional comfort. The non-slip build quality make this flat iron such a breeze to use.

The straightener comes in different colors i.e. black or pink. You also have option of 1 inch or 1.5 inch; the price will be a bit higher if you choose 1.5 inch size.

The straightener features 11 inches long heat resistant swivel cord, 100% ceramic plates, touch screen digital display so you can adjust precise temperature setting suitable for your hair, the display has an automatic temperature lock and ionized technology to promote silkier and smoother hair styling.

Cortex Platinum Collection Hair Straightener


The cortex platinum collection is nicely designed and looks quite delightful, when it comes to doing the job.

Speaking of functions and features, the Cortex Platinum Collection flat iron is quite basic and has all the necessities anyone would want in a hair straitening tool.

It heats up quickly, a long swivel cord that prevents any tangling and adjustable heat settings for perfect setting.

It’s an advanced line of hair styling tools that represents form, function and style at its best.

The tool is suitable for all hair type.

Cortex Solo Digital Titanium Flat Iron – 1.5 Inch Soft Touch

This specific 1.5 inch flat iron was designed with floating plates optimize styling efficiency.

This straightener heats up extremely fast and an incredibly glides through to your hair.

In addition to that, the product also comes with several features such as variable temperature 310-450, touch screen digital display with automatic temperature lock for setting up precise heat for your particular needs.


The only issues we actually encountered were the poor quality of supplied cord which so many customers complaint about shorting out after a few months and there is no refund policy after 30 days past.

Some customers also say that their tool stop working within few weeks! Had there any refund policy they would have replaced their faulty piece.

Overall a good styling tool which gives your hair professional treat at an affordable price.

Cortex Duo Zebra Print Flat Iron

Now we will talk about one of the brand’s best products the Cortex Duo Zebra Print Straightener.


The Pros

  • The red LED light indicates whether or not the flat iron is actively heating up.It flashes off when the heat reaches the desired temperature setting. A red light usually indicates that the unit is on in other generic flat irons.
  • It works slowly but surely your hair will not only feel pin straight but it will also feel soft and smooth. Generic flat irons with no temperature controls can heat up to 400 degrees which can fry your hair badly and also leave a crunchy texture.
  • It comes with great color selections.

The Cons

  • Unlike other well-known flat iron brands like the KQC, the ceramic plates of the Cortex do not always work as smoothly as they are supposed to. This causes hair to break off onto the ceramic surface as you glide down.
  • It does not work as well with thick, long hair as you cannot set the heat high enough to do the job. It works if you put enough time on it but it takes too long.
  • It may reduce the amount of split ends you may have in your hair but it still can cause split ends when used in moderation.

Customer Feedback

The Cortex flat iron can be found on popular online stores such as eBay and

I have used this flatiron for quit a few times, its working well for me from last 2 years. I am quite happy with the results as it never caused hair damage and hair splits. My recommendation for heat setting for this flatiron is to use it to half (about 275 degrees) for optimal work.

Probably the most popular feature of the flat iron is how fairly cheap but high quality the flat iron is.

Most customers get the most out of it even if they have thick, long, frizzy hair,other generic flat irons don’t work as well.

Closing Thoughts about Cortex Flat Irons

The Cortex flat iron is delivers its best at affordable price. There are some issues with few of its tools but not that problematic that keep one away from buying them.

Give it a try and if you are not satisfied then you can always return it since it is a registered popular brand with refund facilities.

However, it highly likely that you will not be returning it as it serves your hair much better than the amount of money you spent on getting it.

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