GHD vs. CHI: Which Straightener Is Right for Your Fashion Toolkit?

GHD and CHI both produces high quality flat irons but there are some differences between the two that are worth mentioning that can influence the purchasing of one over another.

That said, let’s take a look at the GHD and CHI flat irons so we can compare and contrast the two and, hopefully, help you decide which of them would be the best flat iron for you.

GHD Flat Irons

  1. It’s based in UK
  2. Mostly professional tool
  3. Most popular GHD tool on is ghd Classic 1-inch Styler
  4. Latest release from GHD is ghd PLATINUM WHITE STYLER
  5. Click here to see GHD Flat Irons

The GHD (Good Hair Day) is well known brand in fashion industry, especially in the UK. GHD’s tools come in stylish design and features rich suitable for professional use.

Most of the GHD straighteners have the automatic temperature adjustment which is really nice feature for on-the-go type of people or people with thick hair, but this is a concern for the people with thin and flimsy hair because sometimes the temperature isn’t 100% accurate and can damage the thin hair.

A built-in mechanism is used in the flat iron which either increase or decrease the temperature of the tool depending upon the hair it come in contact with.

If you are a precision perfect person this could become a disadvantage for you and this might stay you away from GHD flat irons.

CHI Flat Irons

  1. Farouk Systems Inc. Houston TX is based in USA, produces the CHI flat irons
  2. Most popular tool on is CHI Original Pro 1″ Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener
  3. Click here to see CHI Flat Irons

CHI is manufactured by Farouk Systems Inc. based in USA, is becoming popular in producing great flat irons. CHI flat irons use ceramic plates with a special technology called “Nano Silver” which help promote the natural shine and softness of hair and makes CHI straighteners outperform other brands.

CHI offer temperature control which is missing in GHD tools. If you are a precision perfectionist and want a perfect heat control then you going to love this feature of CHI.

This is especially good for thin hair people because auto heating sometimes are put on high heat and that can damage thin hair.

Most of the CHI flat iron models are energy efficient and comes with rotating cords.

One disadvantage is that most of the CHI Straighteners don’t have an auto shutoff feature, which is quite useful if you are like me who always forget to turn off the appliances after using.

Which to Choose GHD or CHI?

As you can see, the GHD and the CHI both produces top quality Hair Straightener. They do have some distinct differences tough that may make one the best flat iron for you versus the other.

To learn more about this fashion tool, go and find the particular model of their product (they both have a ton of different models to choose from) see the features and specification and choose the one which offers what you are looking for.

No matter which brand’s model you choose, either way you will get a nice and stylish tool to complete your kit of styling essentials for years to come.

In the end it mostly depends on what you need from your flat iron, your hair type and your liking.

GHD is a bit pricey compare to CHI straighteners with elegant design and equally loved by professionals and home users, they every now and then produces limited edition sraighteners which is great if you are used to using new tools often.

On the other hand CHI straighteners are becoming very popular these days, if you are looking for relatively less expensive tools with all the standard features, CHI flat irons are the best bet for you.

Share with us which flat iron brand, GHD or CHI, are you using and your experience using the tool.

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