BaByliss Pro Porcelain Plate Ceramic 2 inch Flat Iron Review

The BaByliss Porcelain Ceramic line of straightening irons are some of the best styling tools on the market, but their 2″ design is my favorite. The 2 inch width is perfect for medium-length thick hair like me.

It gives me the best maneuverability and it still straightens in a matter of minutes. That’s because the porcelain ceramic of the straightening rods heats up instantly and evenly, and I love being able to adjust the heat to match my styling needs.

It can get as hot as 450 degrees if you need it to, which definitely helps in my on-going fight against stubborn curls and cowlicks.


Porcelain Ceramic Plate Technology Heats Up Fast!

The ceramic plates in the BaByliss Porcelain Ceramic 2” Straightening Iron are what gives my straightener the power to heat up quickly and evenly, which is extremely important for straightening my thick hair.

As the ceramic plates heat up, they naturally emit ions that helps my hair retain the moisture it needs to protect it from heat damage and keep my hair pin straight. The porcelain ceramic also makes this straightener so comfortable to use.

The straightener glides easily over my hair without pulling or burning. And the tips of this straightener stay cool too, so it’s super easy to wrap my hair around the rods and style curls (or even crimp it) without burning my fingers or my scalp.

Rheostat Temperature Dial Adjusts Heat Fast

The porcelain ceramic plates make it possible for me to heat the 2-inch BaByliss Porcelain Ceramic flat iron up to 450 degrees, and the rheostat temperature dial makes it even easier for me to find the right temperature for the particular style I’m working on.

I like to try different things, and BaByliss makes it possible for me to find the perfect style temperature with an easy to use (and easy to read) temperature dial. You can easily adjust it as needed depending on what kind of style you’re looking to create.

I typically use my BaByliss at a steamy 375 degrees, which works well with my hair, but the rheostat dial makes it possible for me to heat things up or cool it down mid-styling.

As soon as you up the temperature on the rheostat, my BaByliss Porcelain Ceramic Straightener will immediately start heating up, cutting my wait time and giving me more time to create that perfect look.

And I never have to worry about damaging my hair because the ceramic plates are made to withstand high temperatures like this while simultaneously protecting my hair from damage, no matter how many times I change the temperature.

Longer 2 inch plates Straighten Hair Fast

This is why the 2” model is my favorite! With longer plates, the BaByliss Porcelain Ceramic Straightener gives me a more evenly heated surface to create pin straight styles.

The longer plates also give me more room to grab more hair. And with 2″ of porcelain ceramic, you never have to worry about pulling or snagging your hair.

The smooth plates on my BaByliss Porcelain Ceramic Straightener glide gently through my hair without pull, and I can straighten my thick hair in less than 10 minutes, which is a life-saver on groggy mornings.

The BaByliss Porcelain Ceramic Straighteners come in a variety of sizes ranging from 1/4 inch up to my favorite 2 inche, so you can buy more than one to give you a range of styling tools.

But if you have longer, thicker hair like me then the BaByliss Porcelain Ceramic 2″ Straightener will be your secret weapon. It gives you the coverage you need to create the shiny and smooth straight hair you want.

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