How to Curl Hair with a Straightener?

Let’s face it. You are probably here because you want some curls in your hair. It is interesting how women with curly hair want their hair straightened, while the straight haired women want the exact opposite. It all comes down to personal preference and how you perceive things as pretty or cool.

If you think curly hair is pretty but you do not have it naturally on you then don’t worry. There are ways in which you curl your own hair with a straightener. Here is a step by step guide that teaches you how to curl hair with a straightener. 

  • Make sure you have completely dry hair before you start.
    If the surrounding is humid that damps your hair then the curling will not be very effective. Wet hair does not curl at all.
  • Use a thin straightener.
    Remember that you are making curls. In other words, you are twisting and turning your hair alternatively in roughly a zigzag shape. This is why your flat iron should be very thin (about 1.5 inches) to roll small sections of hair around it. Look at here for best hair straightener available in the market currently.
  • Apply heat resistant hair spray.
    Have you ever smelled burning hair? The bad smell comes from the sulfur that used to hold the delicate filaments in your hair strands. Applying the heat protectant gives a barrier so that the hot flat iron does not cause hair burn. Apply the spray and comb all over your hair to spread the substance. Running your fingers through your hair is also an option.
  • Divide hair into a few sections.(optional)
    Doing this makes the entire job simpler since you are doing your hair by parts. It especially helps if you have long, thick hair. The procedure involves clipping a section of your hair while you curl lowest layer that is unclipped. Once that is done, unclip another layer of hair and repeat the curling process as you go. Keep curling in layers and you will be done with the whole thing.
  • Apply hairspray right before you curl.(optional)
    This may be optional but highly recommended.You can apply hairspray onto the section you want to curl immediately before you curl them. This holds the shape of the curl more finely and makes the overall outlook in the end much better.
  • Grab the part of hair you want to curl.
    The degree of curliness your hair has is all up to you. But keep in mind that different width of sections grabbed gives different results.Thinner sections will give you several tighter curls.As a result, the curls look like small ringlets.Thicker sections give bigger curls that look more natural. Big curls are bouncier and feel lighter.
  • Use the flat iron to make alternate twists to from curls.
    This is perhaps the most crucial part of curling your hair. There are two methods of how you want to curl your hair – flicks and curls.Flicks involve clamping your straightener shut onto the section of hair and make 180 degree turns as you slowly slide down the hair strands. Moving the flat iron faster or slower can give different curls as a result. See which one you like.Curls work the same way as flicks but the flat iron is clamped shut close to the shaft. You are bringing a hot object near your scalp so be careful. Once again, the speed at which you move the iron determines the nature of the curls.
  • All done!
    You are good to go. Use hairspray and your own fingers to fit the style you want.

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