How to Straighten your Hair with a Flat Iron?

Do you like straight hair but have curly hair? It is highly likely that you know about hair straightening with a flat iron without damaging your hair. However, the problem is you don’t know how to do it yourself.

No need to worry because here is a simple step by step guide on how to straighten your hair with a flat iron. The steps are simple enough so you will not have to make regular trips to the hair salon just to get your hair straightened.

All you need is hairspray, heat protectant and a good, clean flat iron. Here is a list of best hair straighteners. Here are the 7 Easy Steps to Straighten Your Hair with a Flat Iron.

  1. Make sections of hair before you start.
    Start with dry hair and make small sections to make the task simpler. The thicker your hair is, the more sections you will need to make. Damp hair does not straighten very well, whereas wet hair may spontaneously combust and burn your hair due to the hot flat iron.Also make sure that the flat iron is not overused and does not have gunk on its ceramic plates. This might cause uneven heating and therefore be inefficient.
  1. Fasten all the section with a hair band.
    As you are going to work with sections and not all at once, you have to make sure that the other sections do not get in the way while you are working on one. This is why you have to clip up all the sections except the one you will be working on.
  1. Apply heat protectant.
    You are using a hot object on your hair. Hot flat irons can easily make small blisters if they accidentally touch the scalp. So you will have to apply heat protectant on each section as you work on them so that the heat does not burn your hair. The smell of burning hair actually comes from the sulfur forming from the sulfur bridges naturally found in the structure of your hair. When you smell something off then you should stop right away.
  1. Subdivide the working section into one inch locks.
    Doing this will make the job easier still. You can easily clamp your flat iron into these sections and work your way down without the other subsections getting in the way.
  1. Use the flat iron to straighten the subdivided sections.
    Clamp your flat iron shut near the shaft of your hair and slowly slide down to the end. Repeat this a few times before move on to the others.
  1. Repeat the step for the all the other sections.
    Carry out the entire procedure described above on the other sections of your hair. You don’t need to clip up the section you already worked on. Besides, doing so may not let the hair set straight.
  1. Apply hairspray
    Apply hairspray and keep brushing your hair until you are happy with the result.

Some Tips

  • The more time you put into straightening your hair with the 7 step procedure, the longer your hair will remain straight. However, never overdo it as the flat iron can do damage over time.
  • Apply heat protectant beforehand while your hair is damp as it can set easily throughout and give optimal protection from the heat.
  • Apply Morocco oil before you use heat protectant as doing so will make your hair feel softer. Straightening with a flat iron will feel easier as the plates can slide through the smooth hair texture.
  • Never straighten your hair on a regular basis. Too much exposure to this amount of heat is never good for your hair as it will get burnedover time.

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