Royale Professional Ceramic Straightener Iron Review

Do you dye your hair as much as I do? Then this flat-iron is for you! The Royale Professional Ceramic Straightener uses far infrared heat technology to lock in hair’s moisture and protect it from heat damage, which keeps my color bright.

But this far infrared technology also locks in my hair color and prevents the heat from your straightener from fading it out. This is important to me in particular because my hair is red, and red dye fades faster than any other color.

I love being able to keep my same shiny, glossy, brightly colored hair while creating the perfectly, pin-straight styles I’m always looking for.

royale-professional-ceramic-straightener iron

Royale Professional Ceramic Straighteners use 100% Ceramic Plates

The ceramic plates in my Royale Straightener heat up evenly, creating even and straight looks all throughout my hair. And if you have long, thick hair like me then you know keeping your style even can be harder than it looks.

Royale Professional Ceramic Straighteners heat up evenly across the two ceramic plates with a heat setting that ranges from 176 to 450 degrees, guaranteeing salon styling with each use.

Don’t be afraid to set your Royale all the way up to 450 if you have really thick hair like mine, but don’t worry – the ceramic plates retain the moisture throughout the whole shaft of your hair strand, keeping your hair healthy and your color bright from root to tip no matter how hot you make it.

Far Infrared Heat Technology is in Every Royale Professional Ceramic Straightener

The far infrared heat technology is the magic behind the ceramic plates. It is what allows the plates to heat evenly and retain the moisture that is so vital to protecting your hair and your hair color.

You will have softer, shinier, smoother, and straight hair each and every time you use your Royale Professional Ceramic Straightener.

I always feel like I’ve just left the salon, so I know you’ll look like you just left the salon each time too! With each use, you’ll seal in all the moisture and shine that keeps your hair glossy and your color bright.

The far infrared also prevents frizz and static in any weather, so I’m able to set my pin-straight look without any use of hair spray or gels (which will also protect your color for longer).

The Nano Silver Technology makes Royale Professional Ceramic Straighteners Unique

The Royale Nano Silver Technology in each of their straighteners cleans my hair every time I style it. That’s because the technology works to seal in the hair’s cuticle, locking in all of my vibrant color and essential oils, and helping it grow stronger with each use.

That’s right – Royale Professional Ceramic Straighteners are the only straighteners that make your hair stronger as they straighten. They protect hair’s health and hair color (natural or not!) with each and every use.

My hair is always incredibly shiny, incredibly stylish, and silky to the touch when I use Royale Professional Ceramic Straighteners.

In fact, everyone always tries to play with my hair when it’s straight and I know it’s because the Nano Silver Technology makes it the shiniest it’s ever been.

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