ISA Professional Ceramic 1 Inch Tourmaline Hair Straightener Review

Stop pinching your hair. If you’re looking for the best straightener for the thickest, curliest hairstyles, check out the ISA Professional Digital Flat Iron Hair Straightener.

ISA’s tourmaline ceramic plates create silky smooth styles without pulling, pinching, snagging, or burning your hair. I rest easy every time I use my ISA Professional flat iron because I know my hair is protected from heat damage.

That’s because ISA Professional straighteners use and 100% ceramic quick-heating plates that seal in my hair’s natural oil, guaranteeing a salon-styled look every time I use it.


100% Solid Ceramic Plates with Tourmaline Ceramic Technology

The plates in my ISA Professional Digital Flat Iron Hair Straightener are unique because they are made from 100% solid ceramic.

This guarantees my salon-styled look, but it also protects my hair from heat damage. The tourmaline ceramic technology evenly distributes the heat across the entire length of the plates, meaning I get a more even look that sets and stays without hairspray.

The ceramic plates lock in the natural moisture in my hair, creating shiny, healthy, pin-straight locks that are soft to the touch.

Everyone loves to play with my hair after I use my ISA Professional Digital Flat Iron Hair Straightener.

Neon LCD Temperature Adjust & Display

The solid ceramic plates in the ISA Professional Digital Flat Iron Hair Straightener heat up evenly and quickly, and you can adjust the temperatures within a range of 175 to 450 degrees.

I typically set it around 400 to give me the look I need, but for quick touch-ups I keep it cooler. Even on a cool setting, my ISA Professional straightener still manages to give me the straight style I want.

And the easy to use digital display makes temperature adjustment as easy as pushing a button.

I can easily read the temperatures as I style, so I’m always 100% sure I’m straightening at the heat that I want. This just gives me another layer of protection for my hair, and I know that’s why it’s been so healthy and smooth lately.

Sometimes I adjust my temperature in the middle of styling, making the ISA professional digital flat iron hair straightener a great ally against stubborn cowlicks.

I can heat it up to 450 and not have to wait longer than 30 seconds, which definitely speeds up my beauty routine every morning.

Auto Shutoff and Temperature Protection

Even after I heat up my ISA Professional Digital Flat Iron Hair Straightener to the maximum 450 degrees, I never have to worry about burning the house down.

All of the ISA Professional flat irons have built-in safety features which will turn off your straightener after 45 minutes of non-use, making this model the best for forgetful people like me.

If you left in a hurry, you wouldn’t have to worry about accidentally burning yourself when you get back, and if you have pets, this feature protects them too!

This auto shutoff feature protects everyone against burns from high temperatures, but it also protects the ISA Professional Digital Flat Iron Hair Straightener from overheating and burning out.

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