CHI 1 Inch Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Straightening Iron Review

The versatility of the CHI makes it one of the most competitive flat irons in the beauty market. It is the original high-heat flat iron, and its ceramic technology makes it one of my go-to for styling.

I am always bragging about my CHI Original 1” Pro Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Flat Iron because it uses unique ionic technology and far infrared heating to reduce frizz and static. It also protects my hair from heat damage.

It creates silky smooth looks that improve the health of my hair, and the curved edge of the CHI Original Pro makes this flat iron ideal for all sorts of looks, including ringlets, flips, and perfectly straight hair.


Protect Your Hair with Tourmaline Ceramic Technology

The Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline technology of the CHI Original Pro emits the ions that protect hair from heat damage while simultaneously producing a hotter and more evenly heated surface for easy-to-style straight hair.

The ceramic plates retain the natural moisture and oils in my hair, so I get smooth and silky hair that shines every time I use it.

And the plates heat up quickly, so I always get the beautifully look I’m going for much faster than I would if I used a different flat iron.

Style Your Hair with Far Infrared Heating

This unique heating process is only possible because of the ceramic plates in the CHI Original Pro.

The plates heat up quickly with far infrared, and the infrared magnetic energy makes it possible for hair to retain its moisture by sealing it in every time you glide the CHI ceramic plates through your hair.

The end result is beautifully shiny, smooth hair that stays straight throughout the day regardless of what’s thrown at you.

My thick mane stays smooth and straight all day long because the sealed in moisture means my hair will not frizz, curl, or dry out no matter the weather or my stress levels.

Locked-In Temp with Flash Quick Heating

Unlike other straighteners that let you to adjust the temperature, the CHI Original automatically heats up to 405 degrees in 6 seconds. This high temp is perfect on my thick hair, but if you struggle with super-tight curls or super-thick hair, you may need a flat iron with a higher temp.

The far infrared heat works great with this temperature, and the 405 degrees fits in perfectly with my styling needs. Not to mention, the fast, six-second heat-up works perfectly with my schedule.

I don’t need to worry about waiting around for the perfect temperature, and I don’t have to worry about adjusting in the middle of styling should my hand accidentally touch the temperature dial or buttons.

Along with its ceramic technology and flash quick far infrared heat-up, the CHI Original Pro Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline straightener is versatile enough to fit in with my ever-changing styling needs.

It’s lightweight, meaning I can easily swivel it around for any number of stylish looks. From straight hair to perfect ringlets to quirky crimping, I’ve successfully pulled them all off with the CHI Original Pro.

The 1 inch  width makes it perfect for maneuvering through any style, and the curved edge of the original design makes it possible for you to touch and move the iron around without burning yourself or your scalp.

I recommend this flat iron to anyone new to straightening their hair and looking for an easy-to-use iron to try out some new looks.

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