Remington S9500 TStudio 1-Inch Ceramic Straightener Review

This brand new straightening iron from Remington is my absolute favorite! The TStudio Pearl Ceramic Straightening Iron combines the heat efficiency of ceramic plates with the state-of-the-art technology of pearl infusion.

The pearl/ceramic combo creates great, shiny, and healthy hair with each straighten, and the iron glides so easily and gently through my hair that I use it every day.

The wide plates give the best coverage, meaning you can straighten your hair much faster than you could with a skinnier flat iron, and they heat up in under 20-seconds, which means you don’t have to wait around.

This is especially great if you’re running late but still want to make sure your hair is perfect.


Pearl Ceramic Technology

Ceramic plates make straightening irons much more comfortable to use, but the TStudio straightening iron comes with 15 times more ceramic than the other leading straight irons. And the pearl infusion gives your hair that extra level of protection against heat damage.

This technology makes this straight iron perfect for those with super thick, super curly hair. And it’s even more perfect for those of us who like to dye their hair.

A lot. If you’re like me and you dye your hair monthly, the pearl ceramic technology will protect your locks from further damage by sealing in the moisture and gently straightening the hair from the root to the tip without any pull or snag.

15-Second Heat Up with Temperature Lock

Don’t worry about having to wake up early to straighten your hair. The TStudio 15-second heat up cuts your morning routine in half, and the temperature lock allows you to set a key temperature and lock it in for a completely even styling experience.

The precise digital controls makes it easy for you to find the perfect temperature for your scalp. And since it can heat up to 450 degrees you have a lot of wiggle room for different temperatures and different looks.

The TStudio even offers a Turbo heat setting that works perfectly against those stubborn cowlicks that make your hair stick up in the back.

If you have really thick, tightly-curled hair, the Turbo setting will also become your best friend. It heats up quickly to the maximum 450-degree setting, giving you the power you need to perfectly straighten your hair without spending hours in front of the mirror.

Digital Display

No matter what temperature you work at, the digital display makes it easy to read and adjust mid-style.

Sometimes the angle at which your styling can make it hard to read, but you should never adjust the temperature while the iron is on your hair.

Adjust temperature first and style second, so you can take the time to read the display and confirm that you have it set to the right temperature.

Automatic Shut-Off

Even with these high temperatures, you don’t have to worry about burning the house down, or even about turning it off! The automatic shut-off capabilities is what makes this my favorite flat iron.

If you’re in the hurry or are forgetful, the TStudio will automatically shut off after an hour of non-use, making this the safest flat-iron on the market.

This is helpful too because the whole flat-iron can get really hot, especially if you use the Turbo setting or lock it in on the maximum temperature, and the automatic shut-off helps you avoid accidental burns when you leave it on your counter.

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