Karmin G3 Salon Pro Flat Iron Review

Getting your beauty hair back to their straightened form is a problem we all face daily. We apply hundreds of creams, shower jells, and natural remedies in hopes that something might work.

Friends often provide tips to keep our hair out from unnecessary curling and flat heads. I asked my stylist who recommended an excellent solution.

After much thought I decided to invest in a flat iron and looked for smart budget suggestions.

Karmin G3 Salon Pro Flat Iron Review

A hair straightener that is commonly known as flat iron is a styling tool that comprises of two ceramic plates which heat hair and make them smooth, sleek and straight.

My search ended when my eyes fixated at the new Karmin G3 salon professional ceramic Flat Iron. I used it first at the saloon when I got tired of the curls and frizz my hair keeps getting into.

The results were amazing. Hence I decided to buy it immediately for my personal use.

Karmin G3 salon professional ceramic flat iron rest at a comfortable price of $$$ and is 11 inches long. The perfect size enables us to carry it away easily in a purse or the travel bag provided with it.

The bag also contains heat mats for safety. The Karmin G3 Flat iron is almost a pound and a half in weight and comes in three trendy colors.

Karmin G3 Salon Professional Ceramic Flat Iron Specifications

There are countless Flat Irons that are flooding the market. They usually leave your hair dry.

Not in the case of Karmin G3 Flat Iron. The ceramic plates are 100% made up of tourmaline with professional grade of heating to quicken the hotness in the plates.

Infrared heat is used to avoid generating stating charges for silky hair. The Flat iron is recommended for every type of hair.

The temperature settings were the most I loved. It heated within five minutes after it was plugged in and took less than 10 minutes to curl my hair.

The temperature control ranged from 120°C (250°F) to 240°C (460°F) variably.I like to travel; hence I was interested to know that the Karmin G3 flat iron had a worldwide duel voltage setting and can be operated from 100 to 220 V.

However a correct adopter plug (not included) is required if you are putting it into other switches, Karmin G3 will adopt to the settings automatically.

The edges are anti-slip and comfortable. When holding, the slim handle design gives us a relaxed grip.

One of the measure issues I feel about such products is the lack of power cord provided. The flat iron has a three meter swivel free cord to wrap around.

The Flat Iron had an auto sleep timer after 1 hour,if one forgets to shut it off.

The products three years of warranty come in handy if it is used and shared by teenage daughters or siblings. The flat iron is manufactured in China.

Karmin recommend registering the product on their website. Before buying do check the hologram security seal on the flat iron box

Does Karmin G3 Salon Professional Flat Iron has any cons or warnings to look for?

Owning a Karmin G3 flat iron I didn’t find many problems with the product. It proves its worth comprehensively.

I find it odd to gather the 3 meter cord on my beauty desk that is thick and very durable but if not cared can make the Flat iron fall (Thanks to drop safe technology addition in the Karmin products).

A friend of mine complained about the plates not heating enough and got a happy replacement. The temperature variability dial is manual like in most of the flat iron these days which means you need to take extra care to set the temperature and many people with glasses might feel difficult to read the dial.

The plates require a little force to join together hence a stable grip on the handle is required; this is a feature which comes in handy when you don’t want to burn your hair but keep them low on exposure of heating.

Here is a quick pros and cons of the Karmin G3 flatiron:


  • The Karmin G3 salon pro is suitable for all hair types. All hair types react to heat styling tools differently. While some can get straight with one pass on low heat, others require something higher in order to work. Thanks to the temperature wheel, any hair type can benefit from the Karmin G3.
  • It has a ceramic plate with tourmaline technology. This plate allows it to perform optimally without damaging your hair. A lot of flat irons on the market claim to be ceramic but in truth are ceramic-coated metals. When the coat wears off, it chips causing the hair to be snagged when straightened and leading to heat damage due to the harsh nature of the cheap metal. However, this is not the case with the Karmin, as it is ceramic through and through. It is also ionic, meaning it gives off negative ions which help lock in the natural oils of the hair.
  • It is common to use a flat iron or curling wand and leaving it stuck at the socket. The danger of doing this does not need to be spelled out. But the creators at Karmin built in an auto-sleep feature which automatically turns off the tool after 1 hour of inactivity.
  • The flash heating feature on the Karmin is no joke. It has a LED light which blinks until the tool is perfectly hot—which usually occurs in less than no time.
  • If you are one to travel with your heat styling tools, the G3 salon pro is travel-friendly. It comes in a handy storage bag which can be used as a heat mat. It also has a dual voltage, meaning it can be used in any part of the world.
  • The Karmin G3 salon pro offers styling versatility. The 1” plate allows it to be used to flat iron, curl or flip your hair.


  • The price of the Karmin G3 salon pro is on the steep side. Some might find it too expensive compared to other flat irons on the market.
  • Although the swivel cord is said to be tangle-free, it’s not quite it, as it occasionally gets tangled.
  • Anyone with a thick head of hair might find the 1-inch plate to be too small.


The Karmin G3 salon pro is an efficient and versatile tool.

The little details such as the flash heating, dual voltage, red blinking LED light which indicates when the tool is perfectly heated, among other features make it a tool worth investing in.

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