BaByliss Pro 1 Inch Porcelain Ceramic Hair Straightener Review

The BaByliss Porcelain Ceramic 1 inch Straightening Iron is the best hair tool on the market, and it just so happens to be my favorite too. It straightens even the curliest hair – and my hair IS the curliest hair! – in a matter of minutes.

The porcelain ceramic of the straightening rods heats up instantly and evenly, and you can choose a wider style than your average straightener to give you more grip and styling capabilities. 4″ long porcelain ceramic plates give you the precision you need to straighten your hair no matter the length, thickness, or curliness.

And you can adjust the heat to match your style needs. It can get as hot as 450 Fahrenheit if you need it to!



Porcelain Ceramic Plate Technology

What makes this straightening hour so powerful are the ceramic plates. The ceramic allows the straightener to heat up quickly and evenly, which is extremely important for straightening really curly like mine.

Even if you have stubborn cowlicks or really wavy hair, the ceramic plates in every one of the BaByliss Porcelain Ceramic straighteners will work to straighten your hair perfectly.

And the ceramic protects your hair from burns and frizz. As the ceramic plates heat up, they naturally emit ions that will help your hair retain moisture, protecting your hair from damage while keeping it shiny and smooth.

The porcelain ceramic also makes this straightener so comfortable to use. The straightener glides easily over my curls without pulling or burning, which makes my sensitive scalp very happy. And the tips of this straightener stay cool.

I can safely wrap my hair around the rods and hold it in place to create perfect ringlets and curls if I’m working on a special look for a special event. I get a lot of versatility like this out of my BaByliss Porcelain Ceramic straightener, and it’s because the heat in the ceramic plates works wonders on my hair.

Rheostat Temperature Dial

The porcelain ceramic plates make it possible for you to heat this flat iron up to 450 degrees. Thick, coarse, curly hair is no match against high heat like that! The easy adjustment with the rheostat dial lets you find the perfect temperature for you and you can easily adjust it as needed depending on what kind of style or look you’re working on.

I typically use my BaByliss between 350-375 Fahrenheit, which works well with my thick and curly mane, but sometimes I heat things up if I want an extra formal look.

And I never have to worry about damaging my hair because the ceramic plates are made to withstand high temperatures like this while simultaneously protecting my hair from damage

Heats up very fast Good for on the go people

The ceramic plates also make this straightener heat up in a matter of seconds, so you don’t have to wait around after adjusting your temperature. You can adjust mid-style without wasting time.

As soon as you up the temperature on the rheostat, BaByliss Porcelain Ceramic straighteners will immediately start heating up, giving your more time to create the perfect look without wasting time waiting around for the flat iron to heat up.

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