Cortex Platinum Collection Hair Straightener Review

Cortex Professional Solo 450 line gives me the most options when it comes to all my straightening needs.

I love it because I can choose from titanium plate models or 100% solid ceramic plates, and I have so many options for the temperature – from touch models, digital models, and classic temperature lock models.

Whichever one you choose, each Cortex Professional Solo 450 Straightening Iron comes with microprocessors to monitor the heat of each plate and far infrared heat technology that perfectly straightens hair without zapping out the moisture and damaging your beautiful locks.


Titanium and Ceramic Plate Technology

Whichever style of plate you choose, I can guarantee that you will get the beautifully, pin-straight hair you’re looking for. And you won’t damage your hair either!

Both ceramic plates and titanium plates will heat evenly, creating looks that are locked in place without the use of hairspray. And both the titanium and the ceramic plates heat up the same way, naturally emitting ions that help hair retain moisture, protecting it from damage while keeping it shiny and smooth.

I get more compliments on my hair when I use a Cortex Professional more than any other time I style my hair. And I always feel good when I use any product from the Cortex Professional Solo 450 line because their plates never pull or snag my hair.

The smooth ceramic and the even smoother titanium glides gently over my hair, and the plates used on my Cortex Professional Solo 450 protect my hair from burns and frizz.

Far Infrared Heating Technology

The secret behind the success of the 100% titanium and the 100% ceramic plates in each Cortex Professional Solo 450 model is the far infrared heat technology for sure.

It’s the far infrared heat that allows each plate to heat up so fast, and it distributes it evenly throughout your hair. And while the infrared magnetic energy is heating up the plates so quickly, it’s also working to protect your hair by sealing in its natural oils.

Every time you glide the plates through your hair, you’ll feel the difference. end result is beautifully shiny, smooth hair that stays straight throughout the day regardless of what’s thrown at you.

I always get the exact look I’m searching for when I use Cortex Professional Solo 450.

Sleek Design and Temperature Lock

The Cortex Professional Solo 450 combines style with safety. Don’t risk burning yourself with another brand of flat-iron. And the safety features in each Cortex Professional flat iron is super easy to use.

My Cortex Professional Solo 450 locks the temperature with a simple push of a button on the digital temperature readout, protecting my hair from heat damage and my straightener from overheating.

And the sleek design with floating plates, no-slip grip handle, and a curved tip makes it possible for me to grab and straighten more hair without accidentally burning my scalp or the back of my neck.

This kind of intelligent design behind each model of Cortex Professional Solo 450 guarantees the salon-grade styling you want without the risk of damage, frizz, or burns.

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