Is Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment Good for Your Hair?

Do you want to effectively smoother and straighten your hair out?

Are you tired of having the generic curls? Brazilian hair straightening treatment is the solution to your problem.

What is Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment?

Keratin is a fibrous protein found in hair. This treatment can eliminate the awkward looking curls and no amount of moisture around you can change that.

The hair straightening treatment costs about $150 to $600 depending how long your hair is. The downside is they don’t last forever, but around 3 months.

This means you’ll have to have a lot of money if you plan on keeping your hair straight for a good portion of your life.

However, it comes with many advantages.

It will make you forget about your frizzy past. No amount of rain can ruin your treat hair. In addition, light, straight hair allows you to blow dry it more easily.

This will save you more time to do other things such as dressing up when getting ready to go out.

How Does the Brazilian Hair Keratin Straightening Treatment Work?

Brazilian keratin treatment works in any type of hair, regardless of whether it is chemically treated or not.

The technique used in applying the treatment is similar to the Japanese Yuko System in which a warm flat iron is used to fix the keratin product into the hair cuticle.

After the treatment is performed, depending on the hair length and texture there is a downtime or waiting period ranging from no-wait to 3 days.

During this no-wait period, you cannot do the following things or else the result of treatment will be compromised:

  • Washing your hair
  • Exercise or any activity that involves sweating
  • Tuck your hair behind your ears
  • Tie your hair with any sort of hair clip, ponytail holder or headband

It is noteworthy that the treatment does guarantee and 100% success to everyone. Some people have hair with specific textures and curls that cannot be completely fixed during the first few sessions.

Over time it may be possible, but it is best to stay away from getting yourself too exposed to the substances used in these treatments.

There is a certain health concern that is related to Brazilian keratin treatments which we will discuss shortly.

Health Concerns & Other Problems of using Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment

 Keratin treatments are rumored to cause hair breaks. The truth is that it is not the keratin treatment itself, but the flat irons used to apply the treatment that may cause hair breaks.

Stylists in salons may use the flat irons while they are too hot that might scorch hair. This weakens the hairlines and causes them to break off.

In fact, Brazilian keratin treatment has restorative characteristics. It strengthens the shaft of your hair, making it more resilient.

If you are a regular customer and a fan of this kind of treatment, then you are probably familiar with formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is known to be found in several salon keratin products.

These harmful substances are a concern for the salon workers rather than the customers. This is because the salon workers are readily exposed to the chemicals for extended periods of time.

Formaldehyde is highly toxic to all animals. Ingesting high enough concentrations can kill an adult human. It is also carcinogenic, which means it can cause cancer.

Fortunately, like several past problems solved by passing a few laws, salon owners who offer keratin treatments are required to take certain safety measures in order ensure safety for both the workers and the customers. Read pros and cons of Keratin Hair Treatment.

The Bottom Line

Brazilian keratin treatment straightens your hair and removes fizziness.

However it is best to be aware of the dose you’re exposed since there are harmful chemicals involved that can damage your hair if not used properly.

It’s always better to approach a hair expert before doing any fancy things with your hair i.e. Brazilian treatment or any other treatment which involves chemicals.

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