InfinitiPro Conair Flat Iron Review

Looking for a top-performing flat iron that delivers salon-worthy results in minutes? Look no further than the Conair InfinitiPro Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron!

Our expert review showcases this flat iron’s impressive ability to straighten hair with less frizz, while delivering a high shine, silky smooth finish.

Infiniti Pro Conair Flat Iron – its a Tourmaline

Tourmaline flat irons are covered in a mineral or gemstones called “tourmaline”. The gemstones are ground up and used to cover the iron plates. A tourmaline flat iron is one of the newest hair straighteners that has been manufactured and sold today.

The plates of tourmaline flat irons are usually smooth. The smoother the plates, the less likely it is to catch hair in between the plates. They last long compared to others. They are less likely to suffer heat loss because the covering keeps the heat on the plate.

A tourmaline flat iron that is covered in true tourmaline costs a fortune. If you like sleek, shiny, and expensive things, then tourmaline fat iron was made for you. You never know, it might be what your hair needs to regain its lost glory.

Conair Ceramic Flat Iron

Ceramic flat irons, as the name implies, have plates made with ceramic iron. They are very smooth and, like tourmaline flat irons, less liable to catch hair among the plates when in use. They don’t create tangles in your hair when pulling the straightener out of your hair.

The smooth nature of the plates causes them to slide through the hair naturally. They make the hair shiny, removing the most of the tight curls when it is used at the appropriate temperature. It also makes the hair very straight.

They get hot and stay hot but, unlike tourmaline flat irons, it is possible it takes a longer time to heat up.

Infiniti Pro Conair Flat Iron Reviews

Conair’s Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

Having seen the description of a tourmaline covered-iron plate and ceramic-covered iron plates, you can only imagine what a combination of both can achieve.

Conair’s tourmaline Ceramic Flat Irons

Conair’s tourmaline ceramic flat iron is 1-inch in length. It has extra-long floating plates that make quick and efficient styling easy. It can be used to create wavy curls with a flick of the wrist.

The combination of tourmaline and ceramic on the flat iron plate results in an anti-frizz and anti-static effect causing less damage compared to other traditional straightening irons.

This tourmaline ceramic flat iron gives your hair an extravagant smooth, shiny and straight hair making it easy to get a salon-straight hair at home.

You wouldn’t need to go to the salon to get your hair straightened out if you already own Conair’s tourmaline ceramic flat iron.

The tourmaline-ceramic-coated plates provide steady and even heat which minimizes damage resulting in less frizz, shiny, and healthy-looking hair.

It is okay if, perhaps out of hurrying, you forgot to put the iron off. It has model features that makes it shut itself off if left unused. It has a bonus bottle of One ‘N Only Argan oil to nourish and protect your hair from getting dry and breaking.

It heats up to an ultra-high temperature level of 455 oF (i.e. 230 oC) in just fifteen seconds.

It has variable heat settings. With this high-quality flat iron, you don’t have to wait hours, or even minutes, for your hair straightener to heat up. It’s heat gets high enough to turn an otherwise stubborn hair into smooth, shiny, and soft tresses that fall just the way you desire it.

If you want your hair straightened perfectly and styled beautifully, then this is the product to use.

Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron Features and Details

  • 1-inch floating plate for better and smoother contact with hair.
  • Extra-long pates for quicker and more efficient styling.
  • Tourmaline Ceramic Technology reduces frizz and prevents hair breakage and damage.
  • It is a true ceramic heater; it takes 15 seconds to heat up and it has uniform heat recovery to maintain heat level.
  • It has the highest heat level of 455F.
  • It has 30 heat settings.
  • It has auto-off button that shuts it down when left unused.

Infiniti Pro Conair Flat Iron Reviews

Additional Information

It weighs 1 pound with 2.5 x 5.4 x 13.9 inches. It has ambient room temperature. It has a limited warranty of five years. It has infrared energy.

The Argan oil present in it allows maximum conditioning and protection. It has the ability to straighten or flip hair as desired by the owner. It allows for professional salon-like style. It is available in purple. There are no batteries required and so no batteries in it.

How is it used?

Understanding how to use the flat iron is as important as using it. If you don’t know how to use it and you venture into using it, you may end up damaging your hair.

So, how can you effectively use Conair’s Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron?

  1. For your roughly dry hair, use your fingers to add volume.
  2. Select your preferred heat. Note that the heat is higher for a very thick hair and lower for a very thin hair.
  3. Divide the hair evenly.
  4. Carefully and firmly iron down the hair.

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