Everything You Need To Know About Japanese Hair Straightening

One permanent hair straightening treatment that originated in the 90s was the Japanese hair straightening. It is an effective way of transforming curly or rough hair into hair as straight as a pin.

This is done with the help of thermal conditioning or use of chemicals that break the protein bonds to give hair the desired shape.

The flat irons that are used for the process are different from the usual ones and heat to the exact desired temperature that works in tandem with the chemical treatment.

This is among the most used hair straightening methods across the United States of America.

Japanese Hair Straightening

Japanese Hair Straightening Benefits

This technique of straightening hair has many benefits associated with it especially for those concerned with the look of their tresses.

It is also quite time saving and dries quickly. Not much stress is needed to take care of hair straightened using the Japanese technique as it prevents the hair from physical factors including humidity and pollution.

How Japanese Hair Straightening Works

An extensive process, the Japanese hair straightening process can take around 3-4 hours normally. The treatment can go up to 8 hours for longer and thicker hair as also for damaged hair.

The special chemical that is used to change the protein bonds of the hair attacks each individual strand. This results in permanently straight hair.

  • Consultation
    It is recommended that before going for the Japanese hair straightening, expert consultation is sought. Most professional hair stylists will always schedule a consultation before this thermal reconditioning treatment. This will help to determine if a particular hair type can be treated with this technique or not as it is not suitable for all hair types.
  • Shampoo
    Before beginning the chemical process, the hair is shampooed and dried properly to remove all dirt. This helps in better penetration of the chemical in the hair.
  • Application of Chemical
    A strand test with the chemical is the first step to find whether the hair is ready for the treatment or not. On completion of this test, the chemical is applied to each strand and left alone for some time.
  • Ironing
    After the chemical is deeply penetrated in the hair, the next step is ironing. The special hot iron is heated to the required temperature and used on the hair.
  • Neutralizer Application
    Once the ironing has been done, the next step is to stabilize the pH balance. This is done through application of a neutralizer.
  • Blow Drying
    After this conditioner and hair protector is applied and the hair is then blow dried.


After the hair has been straightened using the Japanese technique, it is recommended to keep it dry for 48-72 hours. No clips, hats, ponytails or any comb should be used on the hair to help the hair to settle down into its new mode. Tucking or pulling of hair can also alter the shape, so that needs to be avoided too.

Japanese Hair Straightening Cost

The procedure and time taken to complete the Japanese hair straightening will determine its cost. A usual procedure costs around $300 and can go up to $1000.

Almost every salon will have their own cost for the process and one should prevent from going to an inexperienced hair stylist.

The hair touch ups will depend on the number of curls in the fresh hair growth and is usually needed after 6 to 9 months. This will take lesser time than the first visit and will also cost cheaper than before.

The end result is straight hair that will earn you compliments from all and that will not require you to purchase endless hair-care products.

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