{20} Most Popular Hair Stylist You Should Follow on Instagram

You must have heard about Instagram every now and then because you will find almost all celebrities on Instagram these days. Instagram is social network website similar to Facebook and it’s very popular among fashion industry including hair stylist.

According to this report 112.5 million US users will be using it by 2020. So finding the perfect people to follow is like finding needle in haystack!

We did hard working for you and camp up with this list of some of the popular hair stylists on Instagram to follow.

1. @Jenatkinhair – 3.2 millions followers

Jen Atkin

Jen Atkin is a hairstylist that focuses on creating products that are related to hair style reaching people through her advice. She works on people’s hair, but she is also a pet expert. You can count on Jen to give you all the latest fashion (especially related to hair) info and the coolest of trends.

2. @Hairbyadir745K followers

Adir AbergelAdir Abergel is a very influential hairstylist. He works at Virtue Labs where he is the Creative Director. He has done a lot of work in the industry and earned his spot between the most notorious stylists around through hard work and consistency.

3. @Kristin_ess – 545K followers

Kristin Ess

Kristin Ess is a hairstylist that owns her own lineup of excellent products to care for your hair. She manages to provide great quality while staying on top of trends in the business and not being too expensive, too. You will find a lot of very useful stuff from her.

4. @Domdomhair – 521K followers

Dominick Serna

Dominick Serna is a hairstylist that works out of one of the trendiest salons in Beverly Hills, California. He is in love with traveling around the world and seeing what it has to offer. His work has been featured in many popular outlets and he has a great following online due to his great talent.

5. @Kimblehaircare – 487K followers

Kim Kimble

Kim Kimble is the owner of her own brand of professional hairdressing products. This hairstylist will be able to provide excellent quality products that are sure to satisfy your needs. She has also developed her own Salon Management Tool to help out in these matters, very interesting.

6. @Hairbymisskellyo – 252K followers

Kelly O'Leary

Kelly O’Leary is a Canadian hairstylist that will blow your mind. She is a very prolific teacher, sharing all of her experience and business wisdom with people throughout the world. She is great at putting life and color into your own personal style. Really great talent.

7. @Harryjoshhair – 190K followers

Harry Josh

Harry Josh is a regular guy with a pretty cool job. He is a celebrity hairstylist that has come up with his own brand of products to aid the fashion needs of everyone. He is endorsed by many great artists that really love the way he works, and he has earned his place among them.

8. @Sarahpotempa – 165K followers

Sarah Potempa

Sarah Potempa is a Hairstylist that focuses on working celebrity hair. She is hip to all the latest trends and shows of her excellent skills around the world, using famous heads to do it. She is also the owner and founder of a hair accessory line that is pretty cool.

9. @Priscillavalles – 151K followers

Priscilla Valles

Priscilla Valles works mainly on hair extensions in Beverly Hills, CA and Las Vegas, Nev. This hairstylist will do wonders on your own style or help you find a new way to carry yourself with her talents. She has been featured in many important publications and is growing in popularity a lot.

10. @Clydehairgod – 136K followers

Clyde Haygood

Clyde Haygood is a hairstylist that will change the way you think about hair. He is very well known for being able to make your own personal style shine through his talent. He is always looking to innovate while staying true to the classic techniques.

11. @Ursulastephen – 110K followers

Ursula Stephen

Ursula Stephen is a hairstylist that is behind some of the most astonishing looks of today. She is a celebrity hairstylist that is a true expert at her craft. She has worked with all the best photographers and publications available today. She also owns a Salon in Brooklyn, NY.

12. @Maneinterest – 105K followers

Mane Interest will keep you up to date with all the latest hair artists, their trends and techniques. You will also be able to find out from them the greatest and new products available for you to use related to the care of your mane. There are some great deals in offer here.

13. @Garrennewyork – 104K followers


Garren is the hairstylist that is co-founder of R+Co. He is a master at his craft and has a lot of experience working on the world of fashion. He has worked on celebrities and does work for magazines from time to time.

14. @Taunidawson – 101K followers

Tauni Dawson

Tauni Dawson is a very talented hairstylist that works very hard to make sure that she gets what you expect out of her work. She is also very involved in teaching her craft to anyone that will be interested in gaining insights from her experience.

15. @Colorbymattrez – 80.8K followers

Matt Rez

Matt Rez is an expert hairstylist when it comes to color. He will bring out the best in you by providing his eye and skills and putting them to your service. He is a celebrity colorist based out of Los Angeles, CA. He has worked for many influential publications and a lot of high profile celebs.

16. @Marktownsend1 – 75K followers

Mark Townsend

Mark Townsend is a guy that does hair for a living. He is a hairstylist to the stars, focusing on red carpet events and all of the most glamorous affairs you can possibly imagine. He has done work also for very important publications in the business.

17. @Headrushdesigns – 64.2K followers

Julie Holbrook

Julie Holbrook is a hairstylist that specializes in short hair. She is an award-winning professional that is very much in tune with all the current tendencies on the business. She is based out of Utah and you can book her if you are around to get a great haircut.

18. @Livedinhair – 51.7K followers

This is a hairstylist that is very much an artist in every respect. You will be able to book him for an appointment to work on your own hair. You can also find great tips and tutorials from him in his page so that you can get started on your own.

19. @Hairbykimtran – 28.1K followers

Kim Tran Kim Tran is based out of Virginia. She is a hairstylist that has great skills but also is very generous in sharing her knowledge and experience with others through video tips and tutorials. She is very active online with this kind of teaching activity.

20. @Ryantrygstadhair – 20.9K followers

Ryan Trygstad

Ryan Trygstad is a very skilled and talented hairstylist. He has been working on celebrities for a while now and has under his belt a lot of excellent achievements in his field. He is the owner of his own hair salon in Richmond, VA. Definitively worth checking out.

21. @Citycurlstudio – 11.1K followers

City Curl Studio

City Curl Studio is a salon that is specialized in Curly hair, they will have you covered in all things related to curls and they will make sure that you are not disappointed. They are located in Staten Island, NY and handle a lot of work in that area because of their excellent reputation.

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